Calcium Chloride Plant  


Calcium  chloride  is  a  water--soluble  salt  that occurs naturally and  the  various grades can be used in widely differing fields

Road maintenance, industry and foods are just a few examples.Calcium chloride is more effective than many  other  products  at  suppressing dust and combating ice on roads

Therefore, a smaller amount of calcium chloride can often be used, which helps reduce costs and minimizes     environmental   impact .   Calcium chloride is  also  a dehumidifier  and  is found in moisture absorbers

It is  extremely  useful  as  a  drying and cooling medium.  During  construction  projects and the like, Calcium Chloride can be used in cement to make   it   possible to  pour  and   cast  in  cold climates. In the mining industry,  it can be used  to bind dust and reduce the risk of explosion

  When drilling for oil, calcium chloride mainly works to stabilize the ground strata and to increase the degree of extraction  and maintain  the correct pressure in the well.  Calcium chloride removes  fluorides , sulfates and phosphates from water – properties that benefit the food and manufacturing industries. Cheese manufacturers use calcium chloride both for calcium enrichment and to give the cheese a firmer consistency.Calcium chloride can also  be added to drinks to adjust the mineral content. Fruit  which has been treated with  calcium chloride gets a significantly extended shelf life