Design & Engineering Department  


 One of the main department of NIKAN FARAYAND CO (NFN), is design and engineering department of chemical products plant.  NIKAN FARAYAND NO ANDISH (NFN)company with so many experiment in producing  HCL, SULFURIC ACID , PHOSPHORIC ACID,SODIUM SULFATE, POTASSIUM SULFATE,has ability  to sell technical knowledge and help you build your factory. Many experienced engineers works with us , so we can provide consultation  about chemicals plants.

With over 20 years of experience in sulfuric acid processes and related products, NFN provides leading technology and industrial products that are engineered to perform and built to last

Our ability in projects are:

1. Sulfuric Acid plant

2.Hydrochloric Acid Plant

3.Sodium Sulfate Plant

4. Aluminium Sulfate Plant

5. Caclcium Chloride Plant

6.Potassium Sulfate Plant

7.Caustic Soda Plant