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  Sulfuric Acid Plant  

NFN has a long and successful history in providing the latest technology to the sulfuric acid industry.

We’re known as the premier designer and builder of sulfuric acid plants.Our dedicated staff of engineers also brings years of experience and cutting-edge solutions to meet stringent pollution requirements,as well as technology designed to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operating your plant.

Our sulfuric acid plant processes and products offer you solutions for sulfur burning, metallurgical, spent acid recovery and H₂S burning plants.

SO2 is produced by burning sulfur which is then further oxidized in the convertors producing heat and energy often known as an exothermic reaction. V2O5 is the catalyst used for this reaction.

NFN Engineering has its expertise in detailed engineering and construction knowledge with the aid of which the best technology in the world is materialized into the reality of a quality plant. Also, we own our own Sulfuric Acid process and engineering expertise which has been built on the pillars of the past project experiences

We offer custom-designed, tailored energy-efficient plants according to the clients’ specific needs, and designed to meet particular raw materials and product quality specifications in line with the latest environmental regulations. We also supply special plants for the regeneration of spent acid into fresh acid or petroleum