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  Sodium Hypochlorite  


Analysis  Of  Bleach 

Uses Of Hypochlorite Sodium


Unit  Min   Max 
gr/lit  150
gr/lit    11.5
Fe P.P.M  0.7






 0.2 0.5




Sodium hypochlorite is most commonly known as the bleach that is present in our household cleaners. However, it has other uses as well. In this section,let us discuss some uses for sodium hypochlorite.

Household Bleach & Stain Removal

The most common application for sodium hypochlorite is its use as the active ingredient in bleach. The majority of the sodium hypochlorite that is produced is for use as household bleach, which commonly contains 5% sodium hypochlorite.

Bleach is used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in our homes, such astoilets, floors, and counters. Whenever we encounter stains on our clothes and sheets, bleach is the way to go to remove these stubborn stains.

Isinfectant & Water Treatment

Sodium hypo chlorite is a very effective disinfectant. In the food service industry, it can be used to sanitize kitchen utensils and equipment used for food processing. In our own homes, the use of sodium hypochlorite is highly effective to eliminate various types of bacteria and viruses.

Sodium hypochlorite is also used for water treatment - it is a very effective substance used to disinfect water to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms, which helps in preventing the transmission of water bornediseases. This is used in various industrial applications to prevent bacteria and slime formation, and it is also useful to disinfect swimming pools.Sometimes, sodium hypochlorite is added to wastewater to reduce odors.

Dentistry & Skin

Have you ever had root canal treatments? Sodium hypochlorite solutions of concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 5% are used by dentists as an irrigating agent for root canal treatments. This is to help prevent bacterial infection and to dissolve the dead tissue.

Solutions that contain 0.005% of sodium hypochlorite can also help in treating eczema, which causes skin to become irritated and inflamed. Sodium hypochlorite solution can also help in the prevention of skin damage caused by radiation and sun exposure. This is because the solution blocks the activity of the molecule responsible for inflammation and aging.