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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Nikan Farayand Company as a successful manufacturer and supplier of Chemical Material in Iran, which was established in the year 2002. The main products of our company are

Fertilizer Products

Oil & Petroleum Products

Chemical Products

Macro Fertilizer 


Hydrochlorice Acid
 Urea Gasoline
 Sulfuric  Acid
    Sodium Sulfate
    Sodium Hypo chloride
    Calcium Chloride
     Ferric chloride
    Caustic Soda
     Di calcium phosphate


Nikan Farayand Company takes assistance of top level of experts to provide highest quality, the reasonable prices, and the most range of satisfaction for its customers. All the above activities are also supporting by the best contractors of transportation for presenting the most excellent services to clients.


Nikan Farayand is pioneer in manufacturing and leads the way of supplying high range of Chemical requirement for giant industries in our country, such as Foolad mobarake sepahan  ( ,National Iranian Oil Products Distribution co ( , Arak petrochemical corporation ( , …


  We wish the above mentioned facts could explain our activities and clarified our strategy in keeping the competitive quotation, high quality and best services for customer's satisfaction, with the aim of establishing a long term business association.


Nikan Farayand Noandish Co