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Iran to become gasoline exporter in 2015: Official

Iran to become gasoline exporter in 2015: Official

Iran is set to become an exporter of high-standard gasoline in the next Persian calendar year 1394 (starting March 2015), an Iranian energy official says.

“After the Persian Gulf Star refinery (in southern Iran) is put into operation in mid-1394, Iran will be capable of exporting gasoline in addition to meeting the domestic need,” Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) Abbas Kazemi says.

The Persian Gulf Star refinery will produce 12 million liters of gasoline per day for domestic consumption, which frees up a surplus 3 million liters produced by other refineries for export, the official said.

The NIORDC chief pointed to Iran’s ongoing plans to promote the standards of its refineries and noted that after the optimization of the Abadan Refinery (in southern Iran) all products at the facility will conform to the Euro 5 Standard.

Last year, Iran’s gasoline imports dropped to 10 million liters per day from 30 million liters per day in 2006 thanks to the expansion of domestic production potential, he said.

The official predicted that Iran’s gasoline imports will decrease to seven million liters per day this year and finally stop next year.

Meanwhile, Iran’s gasoline production will rise to 64 million liters per day by March 2014, Kazemi pointed out.