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Sulfuric Acid Plant

Sulfuric Acid Plant 120 MT Per Day

we produce 40,000 MT Sulfuric acid  

Burner Of Sulfuric

Burner Of Sulfuric Acid 250MT

Sulfur Burn in the burner and SO2 gas produce

sulfuric acid plant
Project Of Sulfuric Acid 250 MT Per Day
Sulfuric Acid Plant2
Project Of Sulfuric Acid 250MT Per Day
  • Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • Burner Of Sulfuric
  • sulfuric acid plant
  • Sulfuric Acid Plant2

The knowledge-based company, NIKAN FARAYAND NOANDISH has been active in the field of energy industry especially  oil and gas. In this regard , NIKAN   offers two independent scientific and engineering services.It should be noted that production and supplying chemicals, additives and inhibitors for energy industry can be considered among NIKAN  activities. Primarily these industries include gas,petrochemical, power plants, and upstream & downstream oil industry. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that NIKAN  is specialized in providing drilling mud additives for the purpose of improving drilling operations  and  is capable to provide it’s clients with essential additives and consultancy in well completion. In addition, some technical knowledge related to oil and gas wells’productivity including HCl, H2SO4, Na2SO4, and CaCl2 is achieved by NIKAN FARAYAND NOANDISH


Iran courting German, Italian auto firms

Iran courting German, Italian auto firms

Iran to become gasoline exporter in 2015: Official

Iran to become gasoline exporter in 2015: Official

Iran is set to become an exporter of high-standard gasoline in the next Persian calendar year 1394 (starting March 2015), an Iranian energy official says